Hi there! We are Jim and Naomi, Co-Founders of New Life Co. Welcome!

New Life Co. was born shortly after we moved to Belfountain, Ontario, where we are fortunate to be surrounded by nature.  We craved a slower, more simple and natural way of life. We are passionate about wellness, and love being part of the wellness journey of others, too. As a Doula and former Student Midwife, Naomi has always had a special interest in wellness for growing families.

Wellness is our number one goal, and our products help achieve that. All New Life Co. products are handmade with all-natural ingredients and herbs that are carefully selected for their beneficial properties, and ensured to be safe for pregnant and postpartum people, babies and the whole family. They are always free from toxins, parabens, phthalates, chemical additives, preservatives, dyes, and artificial fragrances/perfumes. We feel good about that, and so can you and your family.

Since Aromatherapy is one of the most ancient, effective, and easy forms of therapy, and is safe for every day use, it’s important to us that it be accessible and affordable, too.

In addition, community support is a key part of our business. This is why every time you choose New Life Co., we donate 1% of sales to Jessie’s – The June Callwood Centre for Young Women in Regent Park, Toronto, ON. This donation will go directly to helping pregnant teens and young mothers find sustainable housing, complete their high school education, and access health and counselling services to help them face the stigmas and other challenges associated with teenage pregnancy. For more information, visit their website : http://jessiescentre.org/

Lastly, our products are environmentally friendly, are Vegan, and are never tested on animals.

We can’t wait to be a part of your wellness, and thank you for choosing us.



Jim and Naomi

New Life Co.