Post Birth. Herbal Bath Salt Soak


Soothe those achy and sore muscles and tissues in an herbal bath after the ultimate intense marathon– Childbirth! You deserve it!! Our Herbal Bath Salt Soak includes common herbs such as Arnica, Witch Hazel, Calendula, Chamomile and Lavender to aid you in the recovery process. It also contains beneficial salts and Colloidal Oatmeal to bring you the utmost of rejuvenation.

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Can Also be used to prepare Padsicles; simply steep the reusable bag included of this product in hot water, then soak some cotton pads in the infused water, Lay them on a cookie sheet to absorb and dry, Freeze pads and Voilà! Instant soothing for your perineum when you pull it out of the freezer! Be sure not to apply the cold padsicle to perineum for over 20 minutes as too much cold can be damaging for tissues. *Please Note: I am not a medical professional, please consult your health care provider for more information on post-birth remedies!


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