Freshly Brewed Espresso Soap

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Have you always wanted to take your coffee into the shower with you? Now you can!

We use freshly brewed coffee and espresso in place of water during the saponification process, along with the essential oil of Roasted Coffee beans, to give this soap its sensational scent. It is sure to wake up your senses each time you use it! The addition of coffee grounds adds a mild exfoliating effect.

Coffee is known to be an excellent odour remover, making this soap great for the bathroom, shower and kitchen, too.



Freshly Brewed Coffee & Espresso

Olive Oil

Coconut Oil

Jojoba Oil

Roasted Coffee Bean Essential Oil

Ground Coffee Beans

Whole Coffee Beans (for visual effect)


100% Natural


Please note that the coffee beans on top are simply for your viewing pleasure, and may fall off during handling and transportation.